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April 11, 2024 2 min read

Climbing is a physically demanding sport that rewards you with incredible experiences. But let's face it, it can be rough on your hands. Constant friction against rock combined with drying chalk leads to common issues like dry, cracked hands and dreaded "flappers" (large pieces of skin tearing off, speaking from experience, not fun).

Your Ultimate Guide to Healing Dry, Cracked Hands (to keep those sends coming.)

Understanding Skin and Climbing

Chalk, while essential for grip and reducing sweat/moisture, is a double-edged sword. Its drying effect, along with natural wear and tear, creates problems for your skin that, without proper aftercare, can affect your climbing in the long-run :

  • Dry Hands:¬†Cracked, tight skin makes gripping the rock difficult and hinders performance.¬†
  • Cracked Hands:¬†These painful tears limit grip and increase infection risk.
  • Climbing Flappers:¬†The worst-case scenario ‚Äď a large piece of skin rips off, causing immense pain and a long recovery.

Calluses: Friend not Foe

Over time, with proper care, your body develops calluses ‚Äď thickened areas protecting your hands from friction. Calluses are your friends!

Just Hand Stuff Climbing Balm: Supporting Healthy Calluses

While calluses are beneficial, dry, cracked skin around them can be painful. Our balms will help by:

  • Hydration:¬†Our balms prevent dryness and cracking, promoting a comfortable climbing experience. Packed with nourishing ingredients, climbing balms deeply moisturize, restoring natural suppleness and elasticity.
  • Protection:¬†Balms create a protective barrier between your hands and the rock, minimizing friction and reducing the risk of cracks and flappers.
  • Healing:¬†Our balms¬†are thoughtfully formulated with ingredients that promote healing and soothe¬†existing cracks and minor irritations, allowing you to get back on the wall faster.
  • Targeted Soothing:¬†We infuse our own calendula and comfrey oils which are known to¬†soothe irritation and inflammation in and around¬†cracked skin

By keeping surrounding skin healthy and hydrated, Just Hand Stuff balms helps calluses develop properly, helping to prevent painful cracks and flappers.

Beyond the Balm: Proactive Hand Care for Climbers

Climbing balm is powerful, but here are additional tips for happy, healthy hands:

  • Hand Care Routine:¬†Develop a pre- and post-climb routine using our climbing balm for healthy, hydrated skin.
  • Wash Wisely:¬†Opt for gentle cleansers; harsh soaps strip natural oils. Always dry hands thoroughly after washing.
  • Listen to Your Hands:¬†Rest days are essential. Give your hands (and muscles) time to recover and rebuild strength.

Climb Confidently with Healthy Hands

By taking proactive measures and using a good climbing balm, you can minimize dryness, heal existing damage, and keep climbing strong. Remember, happy hands mean happy climbs! Invest in a climbing balm, develop a consistent hand care routine, and get ready to conquer your next climbing challenge. Just Hand Stuff¬†mission is to help¬†you achieve healthy, comfortable hands that support the natural callus formation process ‚Äď essential for every climber, so you can spend more time climbing.