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Hey, my name is Justina and I am the founder and maker of Just Hand Stuff.

Although this business established in 2021, I actually started making hand balms since 2015.

Justina Tam is climbing at Hive Port Coquitlam Climbing Gym

My husband and I love to be outside and we used to boulder a lot together. Over the years, our skin would get messed up; cracks, blisters, splits, name it, we had it. We weren't exactly good at moisturizing our hands afterwards either, because let's be real, after slamming back a beer or two, you kinda forget about it. Well, that forgetfulness eventually came back to bite us in the ass 'cause my hands got so dry and cracked they basically turned to velcro, snagging on anything and everything fingers had the misfortune of touching.

And before you ask, yes, it feels as gross as it sounds.

But still, I was hellbent on not giving up climbing, so 5 years ago, I began making my own natural hand balms. As someone with dry and sensitive skin, one thing that remained fundamental during the formulating process was that the products had to be completely natural without any chemicals, so I sought out only wholesome and gentle ingredients that would help fight dry skin. I began sharing the balms with climbing friends and our families, and when they shared their feedback of how it transformed their hands from dry and cracked to soft and nourished, it lit an internal fire for me to share this with our larger circle, you!

Between my husband and I, we found it so easy to forget about moisturizing our hands, so one of the biggest goals of Just Hand Stuff is to make you laugh, get you excited, and inspire you to keep getting out there and doing the things you love, without forgetting about the largest organ of your body, your skin!

So the next time you get out there, remember to bring your little jar of balm, because it's Just Hand Stuff!