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You know the feeling. You crush a day on the rock, pushing your limits and soaking in the views. But by the time you come down, your hands are screaming. Raw, sore, and shredded from the unforgiving grip of the climb.

Been there, bagged the project, felt that burn.

As a climber, I more than understand the frustration of ripped and sore skin slowing you down, I've lived it.

I fondly remember a Bishop climbing trip where a group of us religiously shared balm (and good conversation) by the campfire after a long day of climbing, so that for the next day's session, our hands would be in as best shape they can be. 

That's why I created Just Hand Stuff: all-natural hand balms specifically formulated for the demands of outdoor climbing, so you can crush day after day on your trips.

How we go beyond ordinary lotion to keep you climbing more:

The Power of Nature's Shield: Just Hand Stuff balms formula offers a protective barrier to your hands after your day of sends. Unlike everyday lotions, they deeply hydrate and protect your skin, helping to minimize the effects of a day on the rock, keeping your hands comfortable and ready for the next day.

A Proactive Approach to Healing: Moisturized skin is less likely to crack, ultimately giving you a more comfortable climbing experience. Our balms contain ingredients that promote healing and soothe minor irritations.

Maximize Your Climbing Time: Healthy hands mean better grip strength, more dexterity, and more confidence to tackle tough climbs. And taking care of your hands now prevents long-term issues like chronic cracking that could lead to infections.


We're here so you can spend less time dealing with painful hands and spend more time climbing, so you don't have to cut your trip short.


 X. Justina, Climber & Founder of JHS